As technology evolves into Cloud services, we decided to rebrand the VDI Like a Pro survey name to DaaS Like a Pro in mid-2022 to serve better the market and the direction it’s going to. 

Last year we announced the first DaaS and SBC State of the Union survey and the responses were overwhelming. These responses have been captured in a report that is available for free here (the 2017 report). In 2018 VDI Like a Pro will conduct the second VDI and SBC State of the Union survey! The state of the VDI and SBC union 2018 is truly unique because it’s unbiased, independent, powered by the community and the results are available for everyone – free of charge. The state of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC) union gives valuable insights into real-world deployments, configuration and usage, both on-premises and in public cloud environments.

In total, almost a 1000 people started the 2017 survey of which 580 completed the survey in less than 15 minutes. Participants from almost 50 different countries around the globe took part in the survey, with most in the EMEA region. Around 30% of respondents are from North America and 70% from EMEA. The response is captured based on client IP-address. In this document, various filters are being used to receive insights based on various regions as well.