VDI predictions for 2017: Automation, cloud, chatbots and more

This year is not going to be exciting when it comes to VDI, there I said it.. On the other hand, for Login VSI customers it will be. While the VDI market continued its expansion in 2016, we were able to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. In fact, this is a result of our continuous effort on growing and expending our products and services by constantly looking at movements within the VDI market.

While the biggest hurdles in VDI have been conquered namely storage and graphics (not done but we are getting there), the innovation and technology adoption pace continues to accelerate which will bring about a corresponding change in the enterprise agile workspace, these changes will come about more rapidly than ever. This is why Login VSI is dedicated to help our customers and the VDI market find great success in driving continuous change and improvement.

Together with my colleague Adam I gazed into my crystal ball and made some VDI predictions for 2017:

Automating a VDI environment

More companies will realize the benefits they’ve realized from automation, and make further investments here. Luckily Login VSI has a product to help customers easily automate their VDI environment. Login AM, which effectively automates, maintains and deploys VDI environments, integrates seamlessly with VMware ESX. This integration enables IT organisations to manage and automate the creation, maintenance and update process for virtual images.

Year of the Cloud?

In 2016 we saw an increase in the adoption of cloud services, but now users are going to raise expectations. More and more organizations are noticing that you either go completely to the cloud or you stay on premises since it’s just not an ideal situation to use a hybrid ‘half-and-half’ approach. Amazon and Azure make it seem easy to migrate, but businesses are realizing that even though they have a cloud environment, they have to manage it and update it continuously. In 2017, they will begin to wonder if they’re getting what they need in terms of performance and security. The cloud will not solve all of their problems and IT departments will need to have an exit strategy to avoid vendor lock-in. The end goal should not be getting all of the desktops in the cloud, but to be able to access data from anywhere.

Interested in the performance of some well-known cloud providers? We tested a few:

vdi predictions for 2017 automation cloud chatbots and more cloud computing

Hey Siri/Cortana/Alexa – Rise of the chatbot

As mentioned I spoke with my colleague Adam Carter, Product Manager Login PI. Typically, I like his perspectives because we have very different backgrounds plus he lives on the other side of this planet. He had some interesting predictions: ‘’We’re getting used to talking to our computers, Star Trek style. Companies will adopt AI to interact via chat, email, etc. in a way that’s familiar to customers. At least once in 2017, I’ll trade multiple emails with a rep from another company, and won’t realize it was a bot until they tell me. We are very excited to see the chatbot will lead us to.’’

vdi predictions for 2017 automation cloud chatbots and more rise of the chatbots

It’s full of polygons

Adam continues: ‘’Technology vendors have been promising the benefits of putting GPUs in VDI servers, but the costs are too high for many to justify. With cheaper server GPU options entering the market, and providers like Amazon and Microsoft offering VMs with GPUs, the barrier for entry will be low enough for many more to adopt, and they’ll all wonder how they got by without it.’’

Final comments

VDI is a great and crazy world with awesome developments that impact us all along with our business consumers. These are our predictions but what do you guys think will happen in the VDI market? Let us know in the comment section of via our social media channels.

That’s all folks! At the end of the year we will look back, so make sure to stay tuned if you want to discover how well our crystal ball works.

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