[Press release] VDI Like a Pro: Announcing the State of VDI and SBC Union Survey 2017 Report

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Amsterdam: It is done! The industry’s biggest (almost) annual survey has been conducted and the responses were overwhelming. These responses have been captured in a report that is available for free at here. The state of the VDI and SBC union 2017 is truly unique because it’s unbiased, independent, powered by the community and the results are available for everyone—free of charge. The state of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC) union gives valuable insights into real-world deployments, configuration and usage, both on-premises and in public cloud environments, from more than 580 people who completed the survey.

The goal of the survey, executed by Ruben Spruijt, CTO Atlantis Computing, and Mark Plettenberg, Product Manager Login VSI, is to share insights about usage, configuration and trends in the VDI/SBC industry, ‘the State of the VDI and SBC union’. For the first time this year, ControlUp also provided valuable information on VDI and SBC usage with almost one million concurrent users and more than 800 customers. These results combined with our information are available in the full report.

The 2017 survey shows that trends are clearly changing. Since the last report was published in 2015, there is a stronger focus on application remoting in (public) cloud scenarios and a small decline in the number of new VDI environments. This can be partly explained by IT-admins from smaller environments showing more interest in DaaS. Providing DaaS, anywhere access, centralized management and flexible working are the key drivers for VDI usage. While SBC was much more focused on cost-reduction, customers chose other reasons to use VDI.

Many respondents are also evaluating Windows 10 in VDI, both on-premise and in a public cloud. We expect Windows 10 to be a key new driver for stronger VDI adoption while organizations are also increasing their focus on security.

Additional Information

Some highlights of the report have been added to this press kit:

  1. Microsoft Office usage within VDI/SBC environments
  2. Microsoft Office usage within VDI/SBC environments over time
  3. Most important reasons to use VDI
  4. Most important reasons to use VDI over time
  5. Average application load times for various VDI/SBC environments around the world

About VDI Like a Pro: “Passionate about End-user Computing”

Over the last 9 years, Project ‘Virtual Reality Check (VRC)’ focused on executing tests, finding insights, deep technical best practices and performance analysis in the server hosted desktop industry. With thousands of tests, it has been a massive undertaking, which has generated much interest over the years. For too long we’ve been offering mediocre performing desktops to our end users. Therefore, we decided to set up a new platform: VDI Like a Pro. The goal of ‘VDI Like a Pro’ is to make you successful with end-user computing or more specifically—to make you a VDI rock star. We do this by sharing everything we have learned, working together with the community, customers and many of the vendors.

Over the years we have learned many things, often the hard way, and always looked for solutions to make our own lives easier. These solutions come in many different shapes and sizes. Here you can expect to find: New and validated best practices, unbiased comparisons and independent market research, white papers and articles with technical deep dives, best practice analysis, product comparisons, (live) webinars and occasionally an awesome community survey: the State of VDI and SBC union 2017. This information will help you can make greater informed choices, as well as save time, costs and frustration.

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