[CLOSED] The VDILIKEAPRO – State of the Union 2021 survey is now open!

Hello Community friends!

This yearly research is a global initiative for and by the entire EUC community and for this reason we ask YOUR help!

We started this independent research organization ‘VDI Like a PRO’, in 2013, with the goal to provide a yearly insider view of the End User Computing (EUC) community. With the majority of the questions repeated yearly, the survey not only gathers data about the YoY annual status of the industry but also discovers changes and trends.

Last year we close to 700 respondents participated in the survey, making this initiative one of the largest, unbiased researches on the EUC market.

VDI Like a Pro is an initiative by Ruben SpruijtChristiaan Brinkhoff, and Mark Plettenberg. Three crazy nerds that spend way too much time on things related to EUC and Community 🙂

More new questions on Public Clouds, DaaS, and WFH!

During these unprecedented times, businesses are faster evolving as part of the digital transformation. Due to this, we removed various less interesting questions and added some awesome new questions that apply more to the current status around Public Cloud usage, DaaS, Windows Profiles, browser choices and Remoting Protocol usage, and more…

If you have any suggestions for us to bring into the survey, please let us know via one of our social media accounts.

Your participation will be rewarded!

Because we know how valuable time is in these precedented times, big thanks for supporting this survey!  Please distribute this message using your own networks so many other community peers, customers, and partners are invited to contribute.

We will randomly select three community participants who will receive an EXCLUSIVE Dutch Stroopwafel arrangement + an Amazon gift card of 25$.


The goal of our survey is to get a clear view of how the EUC industry is changing and to support all involved with valuable, independent, and unbiased research results based on actual and objective customer data.

Please reserve ONLY 10 minutes of your time and contribute to this initiative. Data will be collected, processed and presented anonymously.

We really hope you want to participate and become a EUC/VDI Rock star!

For more information please contact team@vdilikeapro.com, or contact Ruben SpruijtChristiaan Brinkhoff, and Mark Plettenberg via social media.



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