State of EUC 2018 – progress

While the State of End User Computing service has just launched we’ve already welcomed lots of participants, new but also returning. If you have participated, Thank you! If you like to join the industry’s biggest community survey right now: click here

Global distribution

I’m happy to report that we have already received responses from 30 different countries, with America first, the Netherlands second and the UK on the third position. There is no change in the order of the countries, however we still need to get 20 more to beat last year’s amazing survey. So are you from a cool country? Start now and help the community.

State of EUC 2018

State of EUC 2018 As the survey questions are quite detailed and there are quite a few, it takes on average 16 minutes to fully complete the survey. There are always exceptions of course, the fastest participant completed all the questions in 5,4 minutes while the slowest (or should I say most thorough one) took almost 8 hours.

When it comes to devices we see that tablet usage has decreased a little bit since last year and smartphone usage has increased significantly. Our data also shows that Apple is losing some market share in our community. From all the people who completed the survey on their phone 65% of them where done on an iPhone last year where this year its “Just” 49%.

State of EUC 2018

In this year survey we’ve got a new category: Who are your influencers: As we love these guys here’s a list of the most popular ones in the survey to date (these are open questions, so if you like people to promote your blog in the survey: Blog or tweet and send your followers along 😊):

What is the most important business vertical to user your EUC environment? Finance! A change between the number one and two from last year. Let’s see if this stays the same during the rest of the survey!

State of EUC 2018 Popular websites (In no particular order!):

Popular influencers (In no particular order!):

Popular events (In no particular order!):

  • Synergy
  • E2EVC
  • CUGC
  • VMworld
  • DuCug

The last question allows you to comment on the survey, just in case we forgot something, you’d like to say hi or other shenanigans. Please note that we do read these, here’s some of our favorite ones:

  • Thanks Guys
  • Always glad to help here. You efforts in collecting and disseminating this information helps the community as a whole. Best regards –TK.
  • Please throw out this result, guys!
  • I accidentally skipped a question but couldn’t go back
  • Great work as always guys , it is really good to see an overview of what everyone is working with, we keep hearing cloud this etc , but as we know it is not the case with our customers yet.

There you have it, some of the first results of the State of EUC survey 2018. We’re constantly sending updates and sharing interesting bits before the full report is available and the survey closes. Make sure to follow @markplettenberg and @rspruijt on twitter to get the latest! Or participate in the survey right now!

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