As of today, Christiaan Brinkhoff is joining the VDILIKEAPRO team!

We are excited to share that as of today, Christiaan is joining the VDILIKEAPRO team in addition to existing members Mark Plettenberg and Ruben Spruijt!

As we are moving towards a simplified Digital World, we’re all leveraging different Hybrid and Public Cloud End-User Computing (EUC) solutions. This journey can be a bumpy road and requires good and unbiased insights to make the right strategic decisions and oversee potential problems proactively.

VDILIKEAPRO is the community platform that gathers End User Computing performance best-practices executed with the industry benchmark solution LoginVSI and shares field results through the EUC State of the Union Survey. VDI Like a Pro’ started years ago as Project VRC and transformed to today’s community. Our focus is on executing tests, finding insights, deep technical best practices and performance analysis in the VDI/SBC on-premises and public cloud industry. The results are reported in multiple whitepapers free to download for everyone.

The Power of Community

Iron sharpens iron, it is awesome to work together in this community.

Sharing your knowledge with others is beneficial and fun to do. You are not only helping others, but you will gain to a higher level yourself. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” A great quote from Albert Einstein – which always reminds us to stay focused, understand the insights before we share them. A great learning experience. 

State of the End-User Computing survey

Also, another focus area of our community is to analyze the developments in End User Computing Industry and to objectively share the results. In the haze of the extreme rate of innovation within the virtualization market and corresponding marketing promises, this information is highly appreciated. Therefore, we will publish our methods and conclusions in various whitepapers which can be downloaded from our website.

Every single year – almost a thousand independent IT Professionals are supporting this survey. The end result – the current state of End User Computing – used globally by IT-professionals, end-customers, vendors and community. The information is shared in community blogs and local community and industry events such as Microsoft Ignite, NVIDIA GTC, Citrix Synergy and VMware VMworld

We have every intention to move forward with the 2019 version of the survey. Our plan is to make the State of the Union survey even more powerful, less effort to contribute and easier to consume. Think for example about a survey focused on VDI/SBC on-premises usage, Public Cloud Computing EUC solutions, GPU and remoting protocols, Management solutions, Cloud migrations and SaaS Applications.

Call to action: Do you have any suggestions for questions or topics on the survey, please let us know!

What about events, webinars and guest blogs?

We are planning to expand the VDILIKEAPRO brand, with more blogs, guest webinars, and different Cloud platform measurement. Lots of new ideas now we need to put to something real. Stay tuned to this website or our VDILIKEAPRO social channels.

We also starting with posting guest whitepapers and blog articles on the VDILIKEAPRO website. If you have something interesting to share please let us know!

Hope to see you back soon!


Christiaan, Ruben & Mark

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